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Concerns and Complaints Policy 

It is our policy to enable tutors, students, graduates, and affiliates to provide feedback or raise a concern about any aspect of our service or the operation of our establishment or facilities.

Concerns received by the NICE are seen as an opportunity for improvement. All feedback is taken seriously.

We will make all reasonable efforts to understand issues or concerns, and to resolve concerns within the service when they arise.

The timely and efficient management of concerns fosters a positive, cooperative attitude with tutors, students, graduates, and affiliates.

Concerns will be addressed promptly with the aim of providing a formal response within 48 working hours. We will communicate with you openly and regularly while we work to resolve your concern. The complainant will be actively involved in resolving the issue. Once a resolution has been reached, we will talk with you to make sure you’re satisfied with the outcome of your concern.

If you are not happy with the outcome of your concern, you can appeal our decision. We can also assist you in accessing external complaint resolution mechanisms.

Complaints must be lodged in writing. This will assist with understanding the nature of the complaint and ensure that the facts provided are correct.

Should someone give a verbal complaint, they should be asked to put their concern in writing to the secretary via to facilitate the tracking of feedback by the service provider.

The complainant must put their concern in writing to the secretary via in the first instance, including evidence that supports the concern.


Concerns will be acknowledged on receipt, with a time frame of 14 days from receipt to resolution where possible.

The joint principals will investigate the concern thoroughly and may ask for additional information if this is required. If necessary any tutors concerned in the concern will be asked to provide information.

A decision will be made within 14 days and the complainant informed of this in writing.

Should the complainant disagree with the decision, they have the right to right to appeal and this should be in writing via

The Directors will consider the appeal and make a decision, informing the complainant within 14 days from the date of appeal.


You can download the National Institute For Canine Ethics Concerns policy below. 

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